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Another day, but not another dollar.  The way the VA/Army pays you might as well divide it by thirty days and then furthur divide it by twenty-four hours.  Doesn’t add up to a dollar an hour, especially since our lovely representatives up on the Hill have failed for the last two years to give Social Security recipients and vets a COLA raise (cost of living allowance).  They say that the cost of living hasn’t changed; hasn’t gone up.  I don’t see that exactly. 

As far as I can tell, everything has gone up over the course of the last two years.  Certainly gas isn’t getting any cheaper.  That cost gets passed on to the consumer as delivery trucks don’t run on air.  The cost any supplier/manufacturer pays to provide services & goods to consumers must include the raises in the costs the former pays for employee wages & compensation (in the form of medical care, disability insurance, et. al.) and the rising costs of simply doing business (overhead).  These costs are invariably passed onto the consumer by way of a rise in the cost the end-consumer pays for said services & goods.  So by even the most simple of logic, the cost of living has naturally risen in the past two years.

Our political leaders have not missed their yearly raises especially because they themselves vote on the amount of their raises and there are no checks $ balances to disallow them from giving themselves annual salary increases as well as increases in the perks they are allowed.  Our political leaders do not pay out-of-pocket for anything, with the exception of their personal expenses at home.  The costs they incur of doing business  on our supposed behalf, to include transportation and dinners and just about everything else they can even in the most remotest way connect to their jobs, they write-off or receive more than adequate reimbursement (probabally both).  They constantly harry us about the need to cut costs and tighten belts, but that is always nothing more than empty rhetoric regardless of pary affiliation, campaign promises, or time in office.  They and their action (and inaction too often) is exactly the fat we need to trim from our overbloated, overindebted (grossly), worthlessly ineffectual government.

To be more matter of fact: the pigs just plain make me sick.

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This is my first attempt at blogging so here it goes. 

IF ANYONE FROM 2/505, 82nd ABN HAPPENS UPON THIS HIT ME UP @ .  I would love to hear from you, especially any of you who served in the time period around the First Gulf War, or as I call it, “Saddam’s First Folly Foray Via A Misunderstood American Half-Nod.” 

Today is today and that’s all I can say.  I lived another 24-hours and that in itself is quite an accomplishment I think.  There wasn’t a nuclear h0locaust caused by a rogue nation, an extremist, illogical terrorist, a handful of military idealist hardliners, or anything like that.  So that’s a plus.  I guess.  Plus, didn’t get nailed by a bus, squashed by space junk, shot by a stray bullet, stopped breathing because I fell asleep and forgot to keep breathing, and so on.  All in all, it was a good day I’d say.

Off topic and out of left field, what the fuck is the fascination with people being invited to the White House and sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom?  A) I thought it wasn’t really even the original bedroom the Lincoln’s slept in; B) It wasn’t the one he died in for sure; C) It isn’t haunted by any means and those who say it is must be sniffing their denture cream; and D) It is just plain creepy to even want to sleep in the same bed as the Lincoln’s did, even if the sheets have been changed.  Weird ass people.  Being such a new nation has made us find sentiment in and assign historical importance to the most pussilanimous of things that most of the world would just laugh at.  We find the most mundane shit historical after twenty years where for the rest of the world it would be more like two hundred years.  I think this stems from one thing.

We, as Americans, are pretty much THEE WRETCHED REFUSE of the world, just as the Statue of Liberty plaque inasmuch says.  We are the ones chased out, kicked out, ran out, and fled from all the other major nations of the world.  We’ve passed that on in our genes to subsequent generations of Americans.  So in the whole, we’re just a big mass of loud-mouthed, uncouth, social and every other type of misfit social pariahs.  No wonder we’re laughed at, despised, looked down on, and fled from when we travel abroad in all our totally blissful ignorance. 

What else?  Maybe that’s enough for today. 

Final thought:  I haven’t got one right now.  Ummm—save the planet:  check the air pressure in your tires.  Save the human race and save what little dignity the USA has remaining:  check the air pressure in your head.  Please, for God’s sake.

Hello world!

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